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Marius Strydom
Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolfing® Movement Practitioner
Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Johannesburg
082 975 2866

Andri Hanekom
Certified Rolfer® and Rolfing Movement Practitioner
Cape Town, Hermanus, Garden Route
076 105 4349


Beryl Blaeser
Certified Rolfer® and Rolfing® Movement Practitioner
Mossel Bay
083 226 3373

Christina Steyn
Certified Rolfer®
Cape Town/Muizenberg
079 906 8021
021 788 7250

Ingrid Kolbe
Certified Rolfer®
084 228 1999

Megan Warner
Certified Rolfer®
Cape Town/Camps Bay
076 655 5234

Rakhi Bhojwani
Certified Rolfer®
082 679 2311

Ivana Moncekova
Certified Rolfer®
Cape Town/Wynberg
083 407 6829

Dudley Lauwrens
Certified Rolfer®
Johannesburg/Springs, Rustenburg
076 687 7794



The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and South African Rolfing Association carefully screen applicants and monitor their progress as they go through our training programs. While The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration is the sole certifying body for Rolfing Practitioners and requires that Rolfers adhere to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration and the South African Rolfing Association are not regulatory agencies and therefore are not responsible for any actions or activities on the part of the Rolfer once he or she has graduated from the Rolfing Certification Program.

Updated: 7 Nov 2011, editor: Eugenie Grobler